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New transceiver: ICOM IC-7000

After several years I bought my first HF Transceiver: an ICOM IC-7000. All my other transceivers work on 2m/70cm only, so nothing for long range communication.


My reasons were:

  • I know that device from friends, so I’m basically used to the usage
  • portable size for carrying in my rucksack along with my laptop for digimodes (although I have to carry a 13.8V power supply, it still fits into one bag)
  • quite large hackvalue with a lot of ports and description in the manual
  • fits for digimodes and can be controlled from a computer
  • there is a composite output for the display, so that I can attach a projector and use the device for workshops
  • with the release of the successor, the IC-7100, the IC-7000 dropped in price

I’m still in need of a good antenna for 15m/20m/40m/80m, but a transceiver is necessary for the start!

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