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D23 Fieldday Location and Date Decision

22. Juni 2009 Keine Kommentare

My DOK D23 plans a fieldday again. It’s not a day, but a complete weekend with as many as D23-members as possible. As we are not located in one area but scattered across Europe, we first have to find a location and after that the date.

The location is fixed now: It’s the „Strandbad Flotwedel“ near Celle in Lower Saxony. Most of us know the location from some nice chill-out weekends a couple of years back. I for myself like the location: You have a lake for bathing, a small beach and a large meadow for camping. Furthermore there are facilities for your personal hygiene (better than at our contest location).

I’m a bit suspicious if we are allowed to set up some larger antennas. A beam should not be a problem, but a groundplane might disturb the other guests.

Currently we are in the poll for the date. Therefore we use our Wiki and everybody can add their preferred weekend. As always, guests are welcome! But we ask for sign-up as well, so that we can calculate the food and needed space.

I’m very excited about the fieldday and probably this will become my (even short) summer holidays.

Dead battery in my DJ-V5

21. Juni 2009 Keine Kommentare

One year ago I bought an Alinco DJ-V5 handheld transceiver from my friend DK2AB. It’s about 10 years old, but still a quite handy device with all the features I need for mobile operation.

Unfortunately the battery lifetime ran worse from one day to the next. I tried to revive it, but without luck. Now I can use it with a power supply only. So I can receive some relais in the area around, but when I try to transmit, you only hear noise and squeaks.

In the end I found an online-shop in Germany which still sells the proper battery. I transfered the money and did not hear anything from the shop within a month. Asking for the progress of the order, they told me that their warehouse burnt down and every battery of that type is lost. Luckily they transfered the money back.

But that does not help. A new battery would be better for mobile communication. I doubt I can buy one in Germany. Probably I have to buy a complete new device.

These are the batteries which are usable with the DJ-V5:

  • EBP-45N (6.0V/700mAh)
  • EBP-46N (9.6V/600mAh)
  • EBP-45H or EBP-45NM (6.0V/1800mAh)
  • EBP-46H or EBP-46NM (9.6V/1100mAh)

Any suggestions for a Germany-based reseller are welcome.

Joining the IARU HF World Championship 2009

11. Juni 2009 1 Kommentar

From July 11 to 12 there will be the IARU HF World Championship 2009 Contest. I will join the Chaoswelle-Crew at our contest-location DF0AT in Büren, Westphalia, JO41GN.

Unfortunately I never took part in a contest and I guess I have to learn what to say and how the points are given. But this time I want to try an hour or two at the microphone. As we are not that many operators this time, any help should back up the team.

We will have a full weekend of camping, cooking and I’m looking forward meeting my Chaoswelle-mates again. When you are distributed all over Europe and don’t have a weekly meeting in a kind of club room, events and private visits are the only possibilty to see each other.