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New battery for the DJ-V5

As mentioned before, the battery pack of my DJ-V5 died. After that blog-post I searched again for a new battery pack – and now I got one!

The THIECOM shop has quite every usable battery-pack available. I ordered a NoName EBP-46H N (9.6V with 1000mAh). One week later I received the order and found an original Alinco EBP-46H (9.6V with 600mAh). Well, it’s not that version I ordered, but aside from having 400mAh more, I got an original product. It’s even a bit more expensive in the store. And as I don’t want to take the risk that the other version is not available, I stay with what I got.

After 12 hours of charging the transceiver works instantly and even says, that it detects more than 9.6V. I have to test how long the battery will last. And I have to test if there is still noise during transmit. But currently there is nobody on air, so I have to wait.

The device is even a bit heavier and thicker now, but I can live with it. Having a working transceiver and at least one radio device is a good feeling!

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