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New Activities

11. Juli 2013 Keine Kommentare

This is one of my “lost blogs”. No update within 3.5 years, but I still own my ham radio license. There were some but too few activities in this time.

First I changed my locator to JO62RM, that is Berlin. Unfortunately I’m living now in the 1st floor, so that any antenna won’t help. I even sold my car where I had a 2m/70cm mobile radio installed. So there is barely a chance that I will work any frequencies from home.

But with some friends I rented a shared space in a building on a small hill inside the city. The view is great – and so is the range for radio waves. During the next months I want to install some ham radio equipment over there and even teach other interested people for the German license.

Furthermore I was elected into the board of the DARC group D23 / Chaoswelle. My job will be the communication with the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), the origin of this group.

My next activities will be during the upcoming IARU HF World Championship 2013 (July 13/14), the D23 Fieldday (August 17/18), the Worked All Germany 2013 (October 19/20) and finally the 30th Chaos Communication Congress (27–30 December).

D23-Fieldday: August 28–30 confirmed

5. Juli 2009 Keine Kommentare

Yes, the date is fixed now. We will have our D23-Fieldday at the weekend August 28–30!

I found some old pictures of the location. Let’s hope it will be dry and sunny and still warm…

D23 Fieldday Location and Date Decision

22. Juni 2009 Keine Kommentare

My DOK D23 plans a fieldday again. It’s not a day, but a complete weekend with as many as D23-members as possible. As we are not located in one area but scattered across Europe, we first have to find a location and after that the date.

The location is fixed now: It’s the „Strandbad Flotwedel“ near Celle in Lower Saxony. Most of us know the location from some nice chill-out weekends a couple of years back. I for myself like the location: You have a lake for bathing, a small beach and a large meadow for camping. Furthermore there are facilities for your personal hygiene (better than at our contest location).

I’m a bit suspicious if we are allowed to set up some larger antennas. A beam should not be a problem, but a groundplane might disturb the other guests.

Currently we are in the poll for the date. Therefore we use our Wiki and everybody can add their preferred weekend. As always, guests are welcome! But we ask for sign-up as well, so that we can calculate the food and needed space.

I’m very excited about the fieldday and probably this will become my (even short) summer holidays.