Alinco Advanced Battery Pack

Five years ago I bought a new battery pack for my Alinco DJ-V5 portable 2m/70cm device. Unfortunately the batteries became dead again during summer. I could revive the batteries with putting them in the freezer for 30 minutes, but they did not last for long. Even two of the eight cells were completely dead, as the […]

Portable IC-7000

I wanted to take part in the Berlin UrbanHamRadio activities with my own equipment. But I did not want to buy a new TRX for portable usage. My iCom IC-7000 is more or less portable – at least it fits in my backpack and can be powered with 12V. After some research I found out, […]

New battery for the DJ-V5

As mentioned before, the battery pack of my DJ-V5 died. After that blog-post I searched again for a new battery pack – and now I got one! The THIECOM shop has quite every usable battery-pack available. I ordered a NoName EBP-46H N (9.6V with 1000mAh). One week later I received the order and found an […]