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Dead battery in my DJ-V5

21. Juni 2009 Keine Kommentare

One year ago I bought an Alinco DJ-V5 handheld transceiver from my friend DK2AB. It’s about 10 years old, but still a quite handy device with all the features I need for mobile operation.

Unfortunately the battery lifetime ran worse from one day to the next. I tried to revive it, but without luck. Now I can use it with a power supply only. So I can receive some relais in the area around, but when I try to transmit, you only hear noise and squeaks.

In the end I found an online-shop in Germany which still sells the proper battery. I transfered the money and did not hear anything from the shop within a month. Asking for the progress of the order, they told me that their warehouse burnt down and every battery of that type is lost. Luckily they transfered the money back.

But that does not help. A new battery would be better for mobile communication. I doubt I can buy one in Germany. Probably I have to buy a complete new device.

These are the batteries which are usable with the DJ-V5:

  • EBP-45N (6.0V/700mAh)
  • EBP-46N (9.6V/600mAh)
  • EBP-45H or EBP-45NM (6.0V/1800mAh)
  • EBP-46H or EBP-46NM (9.6V/1100mAh)

Any suggestions for a Germany-based reseller are welcome.